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Jul 25,  · 1. Open the Start menu. 2. Click on Programs > Accessories > System Tools. 3. In System Tools, click the Disk Cleanup utility. Or 1. Open the Start menu. 2. Click the Run option. 3. In the Run text field, type cleanmgr and press Enter. Part 2: How to Clear Junk Files in Disk Cleanup. Jan 15,  · 5. BleachBit. Another disk clean-up software that’s excellent at wiping your hard drive clean is BleachBit. Apart from its cleaning abilities, it’s also packed with security features that many users love, especially when it comes to their personal files. With Bleach Bit, your privacy is protected and respected. Nov 10,  · Right-click the Recycle Bin on Windows 10 desktop and choose “Empty Recycle Bin” from the context menu, thus helping disk cleanup Windows Fix #3: Disk Cleanup Windows Disk Cleanup is a hard drive cleaner commonly used by advanced users to remove unnecessary files, including system files, system restore and shadow copies, which can help .


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On your keyboard, press the Windows and R keys at the same time to open the Run window. The Disk Cleanup window should appear. Select the drive you want to clean, then click OK. Check the boxes for the file types that you want to delete, and then click OK. You can also click the Clean up system files button to also remove excess Windows files. You’ll still be able to use them when the drive is connected, but they won’t take up space on your PC. Select File Explorer from the taskbar and go to the folder that contains the files you want to move.

Select the files, then select Cut on the ribbon. Navigate to the location of the external storage device you connected, then select Paste.

Instead of saving all your new files to the default drive, you can save some of them to a different drive that has more free space. Open Storage settings. For each content type, select a drive from the drop-down menu. If the drive you want to use isn’t listed there, make sure it’s connected to your PC. You can save space by turning on OneDrive Files On-Demand, which stores a smaller placeholder file on your hard drive instead of the full-size file that’s stored in your OneDrive account in the cloud.

You’ll be able to get to your OneDrive files from your PC without having to use up hard-drive space downloading full-size versions of them all. Sometimes a virus or other malware can consume significant hard-drive space by corrupting your system files.

If you suspect your PC is infected with malware, use an antivirus program like Windows Defender to run a virus scan and cleanup. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to reset your PC.

This is also recommended if your attempts to free up drive space trigger particular error codes that you need help resolving. The following questions concern low disk space and Windows Update specifically. Learn more about Windows Update. When you select Fix issues , you’ll be informed about how much additional space is needed. Learn how to free up space to install Windows updates. The total free disk space your device requires to complete an update varies.

Learn about the difference between a feature update and a quality update. You need disk space to download the update, download new versions of any optional features and languages that are currently installed, and to apply the update. Additional space is temporarily required to support removal of the update typically for 10 days.

This space can be reclaimed after the update is completed. Note: For devices with reserved storage, an update will first use the reserved storage space before using other disk space. For more info, see How reserved storage works in Windows. The space required to complete a feature update depends on two factors: which update path is followed and the size of optional content and other updates that apply to your PC when the feature update is installed.

Windows follows three different feature update paths, depending on the amount of disk space currently available. Windows automatically tries to complete more of the update process in the background while you use your PC. This significantly reduces the time your PC will be offline or unusable during the update, although it might temporarily use more disk space to complete the update. Learn more about our efforts to reduce offline time during updates English only at this time.

For PCs with limited free space but still enough to complete the update automatically. Windows will automatically optimize for reducing the amount of free disk space required to install the update. This will result in a longer offline install time. For PCs that don’t have enough space to automatically install the update. Windows will prompt you to free up disk space or use external storage to temporarily extend the storage on your PC. Across each of these update paths, the total amount of free disk space required will vary, depending on the optional content installed and other updates that apply to your PC.

For example:. Optional features. Many optional features available for Windows are pre-installed or acquired on demand by the system, or manually by you. Languages installed. Windows is localized into many languages. Although many people only use one language at a time, some people switch between two or more languages. Open Language settings During each update, all language resources and any associated typing, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and handwriting recognition resources must be updated.

The content for each language can range from about MB to more than MB. Driver updates. OEMs and other hardware partners sometimes publish new graphics, networking, audio, and other drivers in conjunction with the new OS update.

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