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Microsoft visual studio 2015 is busy waiting for an internal operation to complete free download – 1

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For what it’s worth I’m seeing the exact same issue as op not surprising given our mutual employer. Hi iamatypeofwalrus ,. Just for another data point, I encounter the same backtrace attempting to connect to a remote server running RHEL The same issue presumably occurs with CentOS 6.

Unfortunately I can’t find the image to download anymore. Unauthorized client refused. Did you modify anything to get this additional information in the log? I get this exact behavior but my log only contains below the IP and visual studio code server banner :. I would like to enable additional diagnostics but have not found anything to help. Getting the same issue with RHEL Extension host agent listening on Hi achhabr1 , Read this: 84 comment The cause is that the server is closed after it has started and it lists the listening port.

However, no information about the cause it’s printed at time. Another case where this error comes up, rather regularly, after updates for VSCode are installed. Maybe at some point VSCode gets confused and mislabels which session comes from where, but so far only PC1 goes into a state in which it is unable to get in. I did not have to upgrade any libraries or reinstall VSCode, and throughout the whole process PC2 could always connect successfully.

It seems my case is rather rare, and possibly not relevant to the original reported issue. It doesn’t help that “Unauthorized client refused” is way too generic and gets misreported in this issue myself likely included because there’s 50 different ways of getting the error.

This is happening to me daily now on different computers. Opening a VSCode instance on a remote server works fine, but opening up a workspace on a remote machine breaks. It’s happened too and from both Ubuntu Restarting worked on Ubuntu, Centos 7 still isn’t working killing all vscode instances or restarting. This issue is about out of date OS dependencies that VS Code cannot support because of a fundamental dependency Node often really V8 brings.

I updated the title to make that clear. The feature request is to either use all statically compiled libraries which increases download sizes and thus we do not want to do or allow alternate path for the libraries. Any support we would be able to add here would be unofficial given our dependencies could break in other ways.

It’s also worth noting that Remote – SSH does not support musl currently, so distros that use it or a mix like Void are unknowns. Hi Chuxel ,. Thank you for the response. However, please can you explain why allowing alternative path for the libraries could break something? As I pointed before years ago , the ONLY problem to run the remote extension in old servers is that the current implementation of the agent wants to use a recent version of Node and some system libraries.

But this is only necessary to run the agent. So, installing the required Node version with the necessary libraries it could work. Where is then the problem with this simple solution? I am still seeing the issue between two glibc Void systems, it’s a rolling system and the packages are up-to-date. If you can point me toward figuring what the actual failing part is, or what is the unfulfilled dependency it would be very helpful. Hi anddam ,.

Is it? Sorry if this sounds quite rude The developers of the vscode-remote extension doesn’t want to support any environment. Learn more about Teams. Visual studio is waiting for internal operation to complete Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 7 months ago. Modified 10 months ago. Viewed 48k times. Improve this question.

Producenta Producenta 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Enable logging in VS msdn. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer. Thassae Santos Thassae Santos 7 7 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. This helps, but I have to delete the. Isn’t there another solution or an explanation where this problem comes from?

It’s really annoying I even re-installed Visual Studio but was still same.. However, just deleting the “. Thank you guys! Doesn’t work for me. Microsoft should look into it. You saved my day. Had a tough time finding a solution This is applicable for VS too — makdu. The important part of it: There could be many reasons behind this. Clear cache. Remove temp files. Ensure there is enough space in C System drive. Juri Juri 3, 1 1 gold badge 19 19 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges.

For me the solution was to delete the. For more, see this post. This C error comes from executing code before its time. This can happen when we call an overridden method straight from the constructor of a base class.

To fix the problem, first mark your class as sealed. Take a look at the code below. It tries to add up the numbers from one to ten. Can you see the error? The answer is zero! We should have set the startLoop variable as 1, and endLoop as To nip logic errors in the bud:. Strings are immutable in. The example below shows how forgetting that strings are immutable can lead us into a problem. This happens when we use lock with poor code synchronization. The example below checks for curse words in a string, printing a warning if it finds one.

It also performs several other operations. For instance, two threads might try to update the same counter at the same time, causing an exception. We have to use the try-catch block because something might have happened to our file. Use try-catch blocks to avoid an error arising from these exceptions. See this tutorial for a good explanation of the different kinds of exceptions, plus whether and how to handle them.

Apart from being a popular developer forum, this is also a common error. This one is something like an OutOfMemoryException because it means your code has exceeded a memory boundary.

The simple C example below shows an infinite recursion that will trigger a StackOverflowException. To avoid the StackOverflowException error, try not to have objects mutually reference each other whenever possible. See this discussion and this article for more insight. StackOverflow and ExpertsExchange. Using busy-wait instead of correct thread synchronization can deliver a troublesome error.

Some developers will try to use something like Thread. Sleep to interrupt an infinite loop. In general, we should only use Thread. The file does exist, but between the check and the next operation, the file gets deleted. That said, most exceptions should be avoided whenever possible by writing code that renders them unnecessary.

Consider the following three exceptions:. If we use the int. TryParse method instead of an exception, we get a 0 response. That means this method avoids the need for complex and potentially buggy exception handling.

Certain assumptions about how multithreading works can lead us to unexpected problems. These are especially likely when working with shared state. Often, the mistakes arise when we think multithreaded code works in the same way as single-threaded code. One example is a torn read from non-atomic access to a variable. The following code will return unwanted values:. The problem occurs because one thread can read the value of sharedState halfway through a write by another thread.

For a detailed breakdown of incorrect multithreading assumptions in. NET and how to fix them, see this in-depth tutorial. A nullable value passed to the stack will create garbage. For a more detailed explanation of this paradox and how to fix it, see this post.

This common mistake is really one of omission. It can result in user problems with no indication of what went wrong. Consider the case of a user registration functionality with unlogged exceptions. In this case, if registration fails, our log stays empty. Of course, the fix for this error is to add logging to the try-catch block. To see the full tutorial, click here. Contention happens when two or more threads try to access the same resource at the same time. They contend for the resource.

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. See more: Visual-Studio. Hi guys, Today i have installed Visual Studio Premium from its web site n then i passed the product key. I started using it. I have created one new project in MVC and when i want to add controller to it, I get this notification Posted Mar am abdul subhan mohammed.

Add a Solution. King Fisher Mar pm. Its may be system Issue.. Accept Solution Reject Solution. Permalink Share this answer. Posted Aug am saleem alsaleh. Add your solution here.



Microsoft visual studio 2015 is busy waiting for an internal operation to complete free download

For VS users who are dealing with this problem: close everything, delete the “.vs” folder on the project root and reopen it. I am working on the VS and Pega Robotics Studio Plug In I am able to create the Pega Robotics project but I am not able to.



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