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Audirvana Launches New Version Audirvana for MacOS – The Absolute Sound – AUDIRVĀNA FAMILY

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Ata Senior Member Forum Donor. Grotti said:. Perfect if you are an apple user. Which I am decidedly not. Grotti Senior Member Forum Donor.

Joined Nov 19, Messages Likes Ata said:. Manjeshgpai Member. Joined Apr 24, Messages 10 Likes Burning Sounds said:. Whilst JRiver doesn’t integrate with streaming services in the way that Roon does it’s not accurate to say it doesn’t support them. Here’s Qobuz in a JRiver window. View attachment I am aware of that, but I don’t use any apple products Antonio Rodriguez New Member. Joined May 28, Messages 3 Likes 0.

Aren’t the track frequency response checker or HD checker and the ability to limit the streaming quality i. That’s the main reason I am considering Audirvana Studio. Last edited: May 28, Interestingly enough I received an update to my old 3. It updated it to Audirvana Mac Version 3. I thought all updates to the old version were over – but maybe not? Joined Apr 16, Messages 4 Likes 6.

No one here who did a side by side comparison of sound differences between 3. I found some significant differences. Joined Oct 3, Messages Likes Downloaded Roon trial 5 days ago. Not much more expensive per month if bought yearly than Audirvana.

Just deleted Audirvana from all devices. Audirvana are trying hard to stay relevant. They released beta quality software in the Studio, but after two updates on a weekly basis half of my issues are gone.

I am still undecided, maybe I will take advantage of the upgrade pricing in the first year, have another couple of months to decide. Apart from the metadata the only other feature of Roon I miss is the ease of use of filters and filter settings. Antonio Rodriguez said:. I quickly compared Audirvana 3. I tried to make the DSP equal.

Same PEQ filters freq, gain, slopes. I have to use some DSP to manage the standing waves in my room. Joined Jan 20, Messages 87 Likes Audirvana is very clear about no more support for 3. Staying with 3. Joined Jun 23, Messages 1, Likes 1, I’m running it on a 12 year old 17″ mac book pro. I’m happy with the current version, I only use it via the mobile app, the laptop is lid shut, out of sight.

You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads A. Playing bit-perfect music on your Macintosh. The expert software reduces processor activity and stabilizes power supply, to minimize digital distortion and possible radio interference. Finally, it optimizes the operation of the digital-to-analog converter— integrated or external— of any hi-fi installation by providing it with a suitable and pre-decoded digital stream.

The software manages all types of music-file libraries, regardless of their size. Playlists created from a streaming service are also available. The new version 3. Version 3. Audirvana is a French company founded in by Damien Plisson, an engineer recognized as an expert in the audiophile world. Its sound quality and reliability have won over sound engineers, who use it both in the studio and in concert. Now our brand name is our product: Audirvana.

My thirst for great sound has led me on a delightful music quest that continues today.



Audirvana 3.5 review free download


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If you got ears, you gotta listen! If you want to use Audio Units with this, which is why I bought it many years ago and it ran flawlessly you can forget about it. It simply doesn’t work with AU engaged. No sound. I figured it was a bug they’d sort out so I left it over a year before updating and they haven’t fixed it. Check their support forum and you’ll see its the same with everyone. Worst customer response I’ve come across in a long time.

To know that their product fails in one vital area and just leave it broken for years when it’s a unique selling point. I’m speechless. Now I’ll spend all day tomorrow trying to go back to a 2 year old version that worked. DragonMaster Sep 8 Got it and love it! I have over 14, albums onboard and it handles them all quickly and accurately. My only issue is that you cannot access your Mac’s volume control when this app is running.

Aside fro that I find it to be a remarkable audio app! Oh yes, it works on Catalina with no issues at all. RunHomeSlow Sep 8 Yes most helpful version comment is for 2.

I own the Plus version and downloaded the latest upon release. I use it with a high end studio quality audio interface and I possess a lot of Audio Unit plugins. This was never a problem for the old version, but now it simply won’t play a single track.

I have contacted support whose sole advice was to trash all preferences and download the app again. Same thing, no sound. Evgin Dec 10 Rikyman Mar 3 No other App for audio in my system can accomplish the quality Audirvana can whit my DAC, the interface is not beautiful but the sound is fantastic. Show more. Similar apps. Vote to improve the quality of this list. Upvote Downvote. Play Apple Music and manage your media and iOS devices.

Pure Music. Black Omega. Audiophile-grade music player with iTunes compatibility. Suggest similar app. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Audivarna Studio. Thread starter sq Start date May 9, Prev 1 2 3 Next.

First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Joined Dec 21, Messages 1, Likes 1, Audirvana 3. I will continue to use it as long as I can. Burning Sounds Senior Member. Durham, UK. Manjeshgpai said:.

Plex is the closest you could get which works well for local library and Tidal subscription no MQA though. It is also multi platform and also has option to access your local music from internet. You can also select output device for audio which makes it almost bit perfect. You could also look at Jriver, if you can stand the cluttered and unattractive UI.

Apart from internet radios, it does not support any other streaming music service. Click to expand Ata Senior Member Forum Donor. Grotti said:. Perfect if you are an apple user. Which I am decidedly not. Grotti Senior Member Forum Donor. The same principle allows Audirvana to use its computing capacity to optimise compressed or comparatively low-resolution files to the best possible format for the selected output device.

For example, an MP3 becomes an interpolated file with 24 bits and 96 kHz, generated by technologies such as sample rate conversion, upsampling and oversampling. The reason why such processes can ensure improved sound quality is due to converter technology.

The Nyquist theorem states that the sampling frequency of a digital audio file must be more than twice as high as the highest applicable frequency, otherwise alias distortion will be a problem. In order to avoid frequencies above the useful range and corresponding aliasing effects, the use of filters is essential. The closer these filters are to the upper limit of perception, the greater their steepness must be. Such filters are possible on the digital level, but in turn cause sound degradation in the rendering.

In this sense, it is desirable and advisable to carry out filtering more flatly, which is why it is necessary to outsource it to areas far beyond audibility. These goals can be achieved by higher sampling frequencies and oversampling.

If such operations are now performed with substandard material, the actual contents of the file will not be altered, but the aforementioned benefits of a more shallow filtering will be applied. Audirvana refrains from making corrections in the form of digital equalisation.

However the software can perform certain conversion options by itself, as already described, and sometimes can even remove them from the converter. There is the option of a possible sampling rate conversion with a high-quality algorithm from iZotope as well as adjustable filtering by SoX.

The oversampling can also be shifted from the converter to the software. This is useful, for example, if you are listening via loudspeakers and want to use equalisation for spatial correction in the playback. In principle, Reference 4 from Sonarworks can also be employed here to linearise your headphones, for example, or speakers.

The player itself provides the option to manage a large number of audio files as required, including search functions, playlists and even playlists that automatically expand as new files are added to appropriate folders.

Modifiable metadata and album covers are supported, along with a range of scaleable display formats. An Android version is currently under development. The aforementioned streaming portals are available directly via Audirvana. They are aimed at the audiophile market. However, I think it would be highly appreciated if platforms like Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited were also supported.

As far as sound assessment is concerned, I can only refer to the day test run conducted with the demo version. The French manufacturer uses Audirvana to create an extremely practical technical basis and a front end for audiophile music enjoyment from your computer. The benefit of such a playback system, of course, depends on the speakers, headphones, loudspeakers, the location, the source material and last but not least, your own ears.

My thirst for great sound has led me on a delightful music quest that continues today. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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