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Solved: Acrobat X Pro doesn’t start anymore – Adobe Support Community – – Show annotations and drawing markup tools

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I can install and open Acrobat Pro DC as a domain administrator, but as soon as I log in as a user it closes immediately after opening. Hope everyone is doing good. Thanks all for your time and patience on this and for your cooperation and sorry for the trouble you had with Acrobat. Please try the solutions shared in the following articles and let us know if you are still experiencing the crash issue:. This seemed to work for me for a few minutes. I launched Acrobat XI as an administrator, opened some files, and they stayed open.

Please resolve as currently software is useless. I have this problem for the first time after using Creative Suite 6 for years. I have changed nothing and this just started so clearly Adobe changed something to stop me using the software I bought. Thats really bad form as I am now spendin hours sorting out the problem just when I am in a mad rush.

Companies that care so little for their customers to allow this dont deserve to be in business. Hey did your problem get resolved? I have been using the same creative cloud for about 2 years but since yesterday June it just closes itself everytime i launch it.

I have had to install version on a number of machines and only had 1 work why it worked is beyond me. The rest behave as noted above – opens then closes. Followed suggestions here with zero results. I gave up. It was too expensive trying to sort out and although I hated doing what Adobe obviously wanted, I bought a new system. As its been many years since my original purchase the new version is very different and its taking me ages to work out what I used to do so easily to do with the old quite adequate system.

The problem for software suppliers is that they get to a point where the user doesnt need any improvements so sales start to dry up. The only solution is dirty tricks like making the perfectly adequate existing system stop working. Its a real cost impost to business and so infuriating when you have paid good money for a product and the suppliers makes it stop working so you have to buy it again.

Imagine what would happen if as a civil engineer i built a house for Shantanue Narayen, and built in a bug that would make the house collapse after 5 years I wish! Check out my solution. Uninstall and reinstalled with no improvement. Renaming SLStore did zip. The wizard suggested that it not be reinstalled, but I “ignored” that suggestion and did it anyway. Been going through pdfs that previously closed and they are staying open.

Today while using my Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to view a number of pdf documents the software started shutting down after only being open a few seconds. At one point I got a message indicating Adobe was installing an update and could not open any files during that time. After a while it would let me open files again but they still closed after a few seconds. I tried rebooting my computer but the issue persists so at the moment I cannot do any work using Acrobat.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, defaulti5sfxnmh. You can click the Start button if you are using Windows OS, search for “Adobe Acrobat Distiller” launch it and wait for a minute to see if that crashes? Also, you may try repairing Adobe Acrobat Pro, go to “Add and remove programs” and try to modify Adobe Acrobat and choose repair.

Restart the machine and try again. I was just working with one of my users who had this same issue since her computer updated to Adobe Acrobat DC Version I updated Adobe Creative Cloud in the hopes of being able to use it to revert Adobe Acrobat DC, but the option for previous versions wasn’t available.

I tried to cancel my subscription, but Adobe offered 2 months free. I accepted that. Two days later after opening a file in Adobe, it consistenly, seconds later disappears! Just to add to my post above, this disappearance happens all the time with any pdf that I open.

New and old pdf’s are treated the same. I’m having a similar issue. When I open an Adobe file, it stays open for a few seconds, then the program closes on it’s own. This just started happening today. Don’t know whats going on. Same thing! Just started a few hours ago Tried several troubleshooting approaches to no avail Whoa – spoke too soon! System restore did not fix the problem, it just took 5 seconds to disappear instead of 2 seconds.

This seemed to start when, this morning when I clicked on a PDF, I received a message that the program was updating and to wait a few minutes. There is usually no error message in one instance today there was a message that “the memory could not be read,” but I’m not sure this is related, because every other time it simply closes. I noticed several cases of similar or identical problems previously reported in this forum, but nothing mentioned there has seemed to work for me. I’ve tried restarting my computer, checking for updates it says there are none and “repairing installation,” without any luck.

I’m not very technologically-minded and would be very grateful for any help. I am also having the same problem. I have it installed on two macines but I don’t seem to have that problem on the other machine. I have just downloaded and re-installed Adobe Acrobat DC. I did this successfully. Not very technically minded and the instructions to look at shifting “preference folder” etc are written very much in computer “jargonese” and not easily followed.

It would seem that I am not alone with this problem and this is surely something Adobe should be sorting out!! Advice would be very much appreciated. Adobe Support Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. Acrobat Pro automatically closes after opening. Crash or freeze. Follow Report. Community guidelines. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more. Adobe Employee , Apr 19, Apr 19, Hi All, Hope everyone is doing good. Please try the solutions shared in the following articles and let us know if you are still experiencing the crash issue: Acrobat DC opens for few seconds and closes after updating to April release.

Regards, Anand Sri. Jump to latest reply. Load previous replies. Lisa Swenkal. Solved the problem in 10 seconds following this solution.

Mucho thanks. The files wouldn’t open. Then I opened Acrobat as an admin, opened some files. Then I tried double-clicking again. Now the files open. But, they close after a few seconds. And when I open Acrobat as an admin and open files Any thoughts? In Response To jms In Response To f. In Response To huzefaj Anyone get this to work? Hi Sreid2 and everybody.. I had the same issues, After launching Acrobat Reader it would immediately close..


Adobe acrobat xi pro is not opening free.


I’d be happy to hear if any other PDF editor paid or free can replace it. It doesn’t need to replace Acrobat Reader though which still works. Acrobat Reader can’t edit PDF files. When I try and look at the tools page, all I see is unmarked advertisements for other Adobe stuff that I need to pay monthly. This happens even when you try restarting the computer and even reinstalling the application.

In a number of cases, making updates to installed versions of Adobe Acrobat causes more problems than solutions. Acrobat may sometimes freeze or crash when an update is being installed or stop functioning all together after the update. You may also experience a number of “Update failed” errors, including unexpected termination during update, error writing to file, insufficient privileges to modify specific files, error removing an older version of the application, and tons of other errors that come up during or after the update.

Sometimes, PDF files may completely refuse to open on Adobe Acrobat, even after performing a fresh installation and using different methods to upload files drag-and-drop, file import, or via the right-clicking option on the PDF file icon. There are a number of reasons why PDF files may refuse to open. Your installation of Adobe Acrobat may also be out of data or damaged, which may cause problems when you try to run it. Click Help from the top bar and click Repair Installation. Click Yes to proceed and continue with the on-screen instructions.

Adobe will begin scanning for patches available for download and installation. In case an update is installed, restart the PC and see if the problem is gone.

Besides, the community has tested several effective changes in settings. To make sure that there are no remnants of the old application left on the PC, you need to delete not only the application but also all the files in the user settings and program data. Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator or have sufficient rights.

In the application manager, find the entry for Adobe Acrobat. Right-click the app and select ” Uninstall “. Now go to the following locations and delete all the folders connected with Acrobat from the directories the same procedure can be performed in the Acrobat Cleaner Tool or CSCleaner Tool for Mac :.

Restart the PC. Premiere Pro Lagging. Fine Art Nude Photography. The common issues are improper file saving, crashing issues, and software not properly loading all PDFs. To make sure this isn’t an issue, repair Adobe Acrobat once.

This will repair any corrupt files and reinstall any missing files. To repair Adobe Acrobat, follow these steps:. If the problem persists after repairing the software, check for any available updates. An outdated version of Adobe Acrobat can also lead to such a problem. Adobe will take some time to check for updates, and you can update to the latest version if it is available.

Before you reinstall the software, uninstall it and delete any of the associated system files that might still be lurking inside your computer. Remove the associated system files by going to the below address on your computer and deleting each file. Consider switching back to Adobe Acrobat’s older version if you are still having trouble even after reinstalling. When a new version of software comes out, it often brings tons of unexpected issues.

You can always revert to an older version of Adobe that isn’t working correctly after an update. But before you do that, make sure you properly uninstall it. Once you’re done uninstalling Acrobat, it’s time to download an older version to see if that fixes your problem.


Adobe Acrobat XI won’t start anymore – Adobe Support Community –

I am using the newest version and I’m on Windows 8 x It worked until now, just won’t start anymore. haven’t done anything before it stopped working. Learn about common issues and solutions to troubleshoot PDFs that won’t open in your browser or computer.


Adobe acrobat xi pro is not opening free

Below, I will help you solve the Adobe Acrobat will not open problem with and without having to reinstall or update Acrobat. Thanks for your help.


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