Data & Intelligence – Client Case Studies

Client Challenge:


A large not-for-profit philanthropic Foundation in West Africa focused on assisting its catchment area achieve the SDG goals especially in the areas of healthcare, education, food security and youth entrepreneurship, required an innovative and programmatic approach to its policies and programs. Given its clear ambition to distinguish itself, the Foundation required an approach that combined data with market intelligence, to identify the most cost-effective yet high-impact programs that would deliver visible results to citizens in its catchment areas.



Leveraging similar approaches previously utilised to develop the long-term economic development plan for a large African country, we adopted a structured approach to scan available databases to determine programs most likely to work, qnd then customised these high-likelihood initiatives based on non-public industry insights. In one of the key thematic areas that was of high priority to the Foundation was ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), our recommendation of a network-effects-driven approach to accelerate technology adoption at significantly lower total costs of deployment resonated with the leadership of the Foundation and their primer Advisor